How long does divorce mediation take?

How long does the mediation process take? Divorce mediation is an efficient process that saves time, money and heartache. Mediation avoids time consuming formal discovery and multiple court appearances typically encountered in traditional divorce litigation. People usually finish the mediation process in approximately 4-6 sessions. However, some people use more or less time depending on

Confidential Divorce Mediation

Is mediation confidential? Parker Mediation and Collaborative Law maintains strict confidentiality in its mediation program. The mediator and the parties sign an agreement that they will keep everything that is revealed during the mediation confidential. Confidentiality allows the parties to conduct the mediation in an open and safe manner. People are more secure sharing information

How divorce mediation works

The couple meets together with an experienced, specially trained, neutral mediator, familiar with the divorce process. With the help of the mediator, the couple identifies the issues that must be addressed and resolved in order to reach agreement for court approval. The topics, may include division or disposition of the marital home, division of personal assets

Parenting Plans

Parker Mediation and Collaborative Law empowers parents who are going through divorce to develop a parenting plan that works for the entire family. The work schedules of both parents, school or daycare schedules and the children’s activities are all considered in creating a plan that addresses transitions, transportation and supervision for the children. While traditional

Parker Mediation & Collaborative Law

We provide effective and affordable family law and divoce mediation services for relationship conflicts involving divorce, separation, same sex marriages, unmarried couples, elder care, and family estates.