Divorce Mediation With Children

Our case manager will match you with an experienced divorce mediator.

Your mediator will explain the divorce process and help you develop a flexible parenting plan that works.

Parker Mediation empowers parents who are going through divorce to develop a parenting plan that works for the entire family. The work schedules of both parents, school or daycare schedules and the children’s activities are all considered in creating a plan that addresses transitions, transportation and supervision for the children.

While traditional parenting plans are used by many, non-traditional schedules also work well. Parents are encouraged to “think outside the box.” Parker Mediation helps parents build flexibility into the parenting plan, so that it will naturally adjust over time, as the needs and schedules of the family change.

At Parker Mediation our experienced family mediators understand that parents won’t always agree; that’s why we help you to develop the skills to resolve conflict peacefully. The schedule that works today may not work when a parent changes jobs, a child enters school, or even when school breaks for summer vacation.

When both parents manage conflict and work towards the same goals, the children are less likely to be drawn into the conflict and more apt to stay emotionally healthy.

Shared parenting is critical in today’s society. When both parents are active in supervising and guiding their children, by keeping each other informed of the kids’ whereabouts, social activities, interests and developmental stages, each parent is empowered to guide and protect the children, ensuring they reach their fullest potential.

The parenting schedule used by parents when they lived together will change when two households are established.

How parents managed child care, transportation, vacations, illnesses, social activities and even doctor’s visits in the past is a starting point from which the future parenting plan is created. At Parker Mediation we focus on the strengths and flexibility of each parent, as this enables the parties to re-allocate how they share parenting responsibilities post-divorce.

Children have different parenting needs depending on their ages, temperament and personalities. Part of the divorce mediation process focuses on developmental research that guides parents to make different parenting plans for infants, young children, school aged children, and adolescents.

Parker Mediation focuses on the best interest of the child to assist parents in assuming their parental roles. Parker Mediation assists both parties to continue to parent post divorce. Planning your divorce with a flexible parenting plan will not only reduce your stress, but it will minimize and avoid undue stress on your kids.

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