Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation has many benefits:

  • Empowers People To Manage Their Own Disputes
  • Promotes Peace In The Family
  • Reduces Emotional Costs
  • Saves Money And Assets
  • Preserves Relationships
  • Protects Children
  • Improves Communication Skills Within Families

Parker Mediation uses a process in which a trained neutral person, a mediator, helps people in a dispute to communicate with one another, understand each other, and if possible, reach agreements that satisfy the participants’ needs. Parker Mediation does not provide legal advice or recommend the terms of any agreements. Instead, Parker Mediation helps people reach their own agreements, rebuild their relationships, and find lasting solutions to their disputes. Parker Mediation uses a mediation process that lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions.

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We provide effective and affordable mediation services.

The mediators at Parker Mediation provide professional mediation services to families and businesses throughout Massachusetts with offices serving Worcester County and Central Massachusetts.

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Parker Mediation & Collaborative Law

We provide effective and affordable family law and divoce mediation services for relationship conflicts involving divorce, separation, same sex marriages, unmarried couples, elder care, and family estates.