Divorce Mediation Made Simple

Parker Mediation provides high quality divorce mediation services for our clients.

Our experienced mediators have one clear goal in mind: guiding you and your family through challenging times, ensuring that your divorce concludes in an amicable resolution.  We want your divorce to go as smooth as possible for everyone involved, including the kids.

Parker Mediation and Collaborative Law is a full service firm.  We take care of all the details and divorce paperwork for you.  Our mediators ensure you begin the next chapter of your life on the right path.

Through professional divorce mediation, you will reach an equitable settlement in your case, with the added advantage of saving time, money, and energy.

We are here to help and look forward to working with you.


Larri Tonelli Parker

Larri Tonelli Parker


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Parker Mediation & Collaborative Law

We provide effective and affordable family law and divoce mediation services for relationship conflicts involving divorce, separation, same sex marriages, unmarried couples, elder care, and family estates.